The Bonfire Memorial

Kat felt a call to revisit Texas A&M’s Bonfire Memorial, and so we did. The Memorial begins with a landscaped garden of central Texas trees, shrubs, and flowers leading to a massive granite wall inscribed with a quote from “The Spirit of Aggieland” penned in 1926. Next comes Traditions Plaza with a shaded seating area facing an even larger five verse poem written in 1950, “The Last Corp Trip”. The walkway to the Spirit Ring is marked with 89 polished grey granite blocks and one black one, each honoring the 90 years Bonfire was stacked, and the 89 years it was lit. The black block represents 1963 when the stack was dismantled after JFK’s assassination. “It’s all we have, and the least we can do.” Finally you come to a circle 170 feet in diameter made of grey granite blocks marking the perimeter fence put up after the stack fell.

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