A Bittersweet Tale

Robbie Plant

We hear lots of life stories on the road without even prying.  People love to talk.  The Kat is a fine conversationalist and I’m a decent listener.   Other full-timers are particularly interesting, and we all have a story of how we found this life, or why we packed in real jobs for a life of […]

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A Strange Race

3 Legged Race

I’ve been a political junkie since the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  We had been in Vietnam over four years at that point with KIA already over 25,000 with no end in sight.  The solution (followed seven years later) was to declare victory and get out.  Thousands of young protesters came to Chicago to make […]

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Our Old Kentucky Home

Old Kentucky Home

Once again we have returned to Kentucky for a spell of hard work and financial rehab.   The air conditioning is now fully functional across the street at Amazon, which with all these sunny, 90 degree days, has likely already saved jobs, maybe even a life.  (Amazon caught some terrible press in another state a few […]

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I have struggled to understand Trump’s appeal.  I see no evidence on his campaign website of any real plan to govern, nor even one new idea.  This morning a rationale for his poll ratings came to me in a flashback to the climactic scene of Network.   Howard Beale, an aging night-time network anchor about to lose his job concluded his show with a spluttering rant.

Caution:  This is a rant.  And it comes with no new pictures.   We don’t get to watch much television on the road, but miraculously we had PBS/NPR coverage of both Presidential conventions and followed every minute of each.  We always watch both conventions if only to see how grim life might become should worse […]

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Deedy, Caldwell, & Kat

The Hoosier State is one of three in the lower 48 we had never visited.  It lies directly between Holland, MI and Campbellsville, KY, and along with the arrival of the summer’s hottest week, we set a course to traverse the state from north to south.  Principal cities along the way are South Bend, Kokomo, […]

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A Day at the Beach

Feature Image Lake Mich

  In celebration of Kat’s birthday (she’s got that insurance now) we went on a field trip to the sugar white beaches of Muskegon.  The water is Lake Michigan, and while its coldness and lack of salinity means you won’t see porpoises, you will relish the ten degree drop in air temperature.  On most summer […]

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Up in Michigan, Part II

Frank's Sausage Selection

A major heat wave is coming but so far it’s been comfortable here. Our site has afternoon shade, and the hot days feature enough humidity for our air conditioner to efficiently kick the heat out of the ‘Stream.  Kat and I have continued our food tour of Michigan, first with locally made bratwurst, and then […]

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