An Evening in New Orleans


The other day I had business in the Crescent City, settled it early, and went by the Bon Ton Café at 401 Magazine to pass rush hour and enjoy a fine meal.  I craved crawfish etouffee in the worst way but knew I’d order their lovely redfish with crab and green onion topping.  Crawfish season […]

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It’s About to Get Real


Kat and I don’t see much television.  We do Netflix.  I enjoyed The Wire.  Kat hated Breaking Bad so bad we didn’t last to Episode 5, and we both loved Person of Interest, and later, Justified.  The last one takes place in Harlan County, KY, and stars the guy who was the sheriff in Deadwood, […]

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Things to Do In Campbellsville


Kat’s current work schedule is four days a week, leaving three to fill.  The first day off is for rest, the second calls for local amusement, and the third is to prepare for the coming week.  After three seasons here we have seen all the surrounding fairs and festivals, and with Saturday and Sunday now […]

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Signs, Campgrounds, Dogs and Football

A for Asshole Alabama

Amazon leases five Kentucky RV parks for seasonal occupancy by its Camperforce.  Four camps compete on amenities, things such as a lake view, partial shade, reliable WiFi, firepits and tables, and one even operates a full-service bar.  The one-way commute from them ranges from 7 to 15 miles.   These parks have to be fun to […]

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Henry Groll, End NC Rebels 1956

  This may shock some of our loyal readers but it’s true:  we look at our site stats.   WordPress keeps track of our visitors, of where they come from, and of the posts that interest them.  I write and Kat works a camera because we need a better record of where we went and what […]

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A Bittersweet Tale

Robbie Plant

We hear lots of life stories on the road without even prying.  People love to talk.  The Kat is a fine conversationalist and I’m a decent listener.   Other full-timers are particularly interesting, and we all have a story of how we found this life, or why we packed in real jobs for a life of […]

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A Strange Race

3 Legged Race

I’ve been a political junkie since the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  We had been in Vietnam over four years at that point with KIA already over 25,000 with no end in sight.  The solution (followed seven years later) was to declare victory and get out.  Thousands of young protesters came to Chicago to make […]

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