Education and Football


The hearings for and against Betsy DeVos, soon and inevitably to be Secretary of Education, bring to mind my own special education inside the public school system.   Betsy has never worked a day in public education, has never allowed any of her kids to attend public school, and yet is supremely confident that she knows […]

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Women’s March


The Saturday after inauguration day Kat participated in her first act of political protest.  She and 600 others paraded around the State Capitol of Mississippi.  I had serious misgivings – we’re in the old south and the police (never mind the local rednecks), aren’t known for their tolerance of any kind of protest – but […]

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It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll!

Retirement is not all easy money and cheap, superb, healthcare.  Some of us don’t sleep so well.  I have frequent bad dreams that for the most part have little to do with my life, actual or imaginary.  Last night I woke up twice with dreams so real it was necessary to take walks around the […]

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Hey Perce! Buy me a Coke!

Huddie is Moorinsport's most famous resident.  You know him as Leadbellyl

Long, long ago in a dead town far, far away, three brothers grew up in a good place in the sticks.  That would be Mooringsport, LA, stuck up there in the extreme northwest corner of that poor state.  Mom taught school.  Dad ran construction crews that built neighborhood shopping centers, small office buildings, doing an […]

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Dead Poets with Richard McCluggage

In my ill-spent youth I had the great fortune to attend a consolidated high school whose football was abysmal, the basketball first rate, whose choir and marching band were both capable of turning sour milk into brie.   Although playing the Sam or Will linebacker spot would have been my preference, I must admit to being […]

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Things Better Left Unsaid


I ran into old friend Jool last week.  We were checking in on another old friend who is under the weather.  She brought a few amusements for herself … librarians read, a lot, so she brought books.  For me and the patient, she brought a puzzle called Scramble Squares.   The game is a simple […]

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Making Maker’s Mark


Long ago Kat and I worked in a busy French Quarter bar.  We sold a lot of premium-priced bourbons.  Jack Daniel’s was big, Crown Royal was the chart-topper (it’s actually a Canadian whiskey), but those were the choices of the poseurs and nouveau riche.  The cognoscenti ordered Maker’s Mark.  Maker’s distillery is in Loretto, KY, […]

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