Did We Ear-Witness a Mass Shooting?

Yesterday the Washington Post informed me that the all too recent WalMart shooting was this year’s 600th.  Not for the whole world.  Just within our 50 states.  Our longest stretch this year without a gun event in which four or more humans got shot by one killer is six days.  Yes, we have not yet had a single week in 2022 without a bunch of people suffering gun violence, and often their deaths.  This is lunacy.

We have many ways to put the brakes on these events, such as mandatory gun insurance (the insurers will weed out the likely crazies).  Or, we could ban assault weapons, offer buy-backs and ship them to Ukraine.  How about tariffs on guns and ammo at cigarette tax rates?  And there are so many more.   But as Bear Bryant told All-SEC running back Forrest Gump when they was getting stomped in the Sugar Bowl by the then powerful Nebraska Cornshucks, (in the book if not the movie) “Forrest, this shit have got to stop!”

That was yesterday.  At first light this morning Chuck the vomiting cat, awakened me with a leap upon a nightstand and a quick whip of her tail across my mostly sleeping face.  That’s our deal:  when vision edges on possible, you may have first breakfast.  I took a couple of minutes to complete the wakeup process, then arose to serve a Continental cat breakfast (small portions tend to stay in her stomach).  I went back to bed hoping for one more hour of sleep.

A few minutes later I heard three gunshots perhaps a half a mile away, maybe closer.  Then five more, closer.  Kat woke up “What’s that?”  More shots, then more still.  We have camped at Louisiana’s Fairview-Riverside State Park many times, usually in February, without ever hearing gunshots.  “I hope it’s duck hunters in mobile blinds (camouflaged flatboats) on the Tchefuncte River.”

The shooting went on and on, sometimes close and now and then five or seven shots too close together to post-recoil re-aim even a fast Browning Automatic shotgun.  Kat got up to see if anything was going on. I stage-whispered  “Don’t turn on any lights!”  I thought, if I call 911, will there be trouble for me if I express fear of a campground mass shooting?  In Louisiana the odds are good; I did not reach for a telephone.  I did get up and checked the view from windows on three sides.  There was no sign of trouble.

Duck hunters do 90% of their shooting at first light.  Long ago I did that.  That’s what is happening here.  Never before have we camped here in duck season.

But still … dare I write this?  It could happen anywhere, even at a state or national park.

Forrest, we gotta do sumpin’ ‘bout this!

3 thoughts on “Did We Ear-Witness a Mass Shooting?

  1. Jackson…
    There is something distinctive – and chilling, about the sound of rapid-fire gunshots no matter how close… it’s deer season here in Canada, too…
    But it is also distinctive to America the sheer volume of occurances, the lack of willpower on the part of those who can make changes to laws & won’t and it is also quite alarming the ignorance of the general population as to what is actually going on.
    Most people are kinda’-sorta’ aware but not really. Here’s a for instance…
    We just returned from Mexico where we were having a converstion with a prison guard (23 years tenure) from Milwaukee, Wis. area. She was totally unaware that 25% of the US population is encarcerated, that brown-skin people are vastly over represented in those numbers & the owners of the prisons are Gov’t sponsored highly profitable BigCorps that make a ton of money in the ‘housing business’, as I call it.
    I dunno’, Jackson… How is it that people can be so oblivious to what we are talking about???


    1. Well, PC, I would say they know who butters their bread.

      One party believes there are some things government can do better than business, and therefore it should. That party has often offered legislation to limit gun access. The other party shoots those proposals down. That party wants only enough government to fund the world’s largest military, and let free enterprise handle the rest, merrily turning a profit all the way.

      And our rules give small states a big advantage. CA has two senators, or one for every 19,000,000 Californians. WY’s two represent 400,000 each. SD’s two represent 452,000 each. And the 800,000 who reside in D.C. have neither senators nor electoral college votes. But they pay income tax — taxation without representation!

      With a 60 vote Senate requirement to end filibusters, Repubs start off with an 8-2 advantage. To reach 60 the other guys have to win 58 votes out of the last 90, or about 65%. In a 52-48 divided nation, those are long odds.


      1. Quite true, Jackson & I like your insurance idea but I’ve heard it before & also wondered why not… but it could truly be a win-win way forward if it could just get a reasonable reading in Congress.
        Maybe an Executive Order could start the conversation & appeal to the BigCorp Insurance Companies…….


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