I Want to Hear Your Takes on Richard McCluggage

WordPress likes to change formats. They view them as improvements. We who write get no warning. A once friendly format becomes adversarial. Normally I write on Word and transfer it here. That was the way everyone did it for years and years. Tonight I tried to do it the way WordPress prefers: compose and edit your blog right here. I wrote a heartfelt response to a relative tidal wave of readers who suddenly found “Dead Poets and Richard McCluggage”. He is in the Louisiana Music Educators Hall of Fame. It seems that later he built a few really good bands back home in Ohio, and could still reach people, even some over 30.

I posted it but WordPress was somehow not satisfied. I edited to no avail. It was, for me, inspired writing, and I thought it pretty good. But the creation was here and now it’s gone. Very annoying.

But tomorrow (it’s getting late on EDST for an old man) I will try to re-create this pretty good story about what the Louisiana branch of the musical McCluggage family thought of him, while asking for what the Ohio branch who knew him later in life learned, felt, and remember.

My apologies. The good stuff comes tomorrow!

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