Musings on the 2020 Election

During an ABC town hall, Biden was asked what it would say about the country if he were to lose.

“Well, it could say that I’m a lousy candidate, and I didn’t do a good job,” Biden said. After pausing for the applause of an amazed audience (“What? A humble politician? Whoa!”) Joe continued. “But I think — I hope, that it doesn’t say that we are as racially, ethnically and religiously at odds with one another as it appears the president wants us to be. Usually, you know, this president, in my view, with all due respect, it’s been divide and conquer, the way he does better if he splits us and where there’s division. And I think people need hope.”

The Washington Post interviewed a few Black voters who sat out 2016 but plan to vote in 2020. Here are the words of a Texan.

“I don’t know why I didn’t vote in 2016: I just didn’t. I had a baby the year before, and that was my second kid. I was just doing stay-at-home-mom stuff. I just didn’t vote. Now I regret that, because Trump sucks. He’s terrible. I don’t even understand why people are behind him. It makes no sense. That man makes no sense.

This time around, I’m already registered — I’ve already been registered. I’m ready to vote, in person if I can.

Now, I am not going to lie: I don’t pay much attention to politics most of the time. That’s my fault. I should be more aware of that. And I don’t know much about Kamala Harris, to tell you the truth, but I think Joe Biden would have plenty of experience because he was vice president under Barack Obama. He just seems like he has the country’s best interest at heart and is not selfish. He’s not an idiot. He’s actually worked in politics and government before.”
— Lisa Rossum, 32, Longview, Tex.

The Washington Post’s Editorial Board opined this way: “As we’ve written before, we believe former vice president Joe Biden well-suited to be president. You, undecided voter, may be less sure; maybe you disagree with some of the policies he espouses — that’s fine. We would simply ask you to weigh your concerns about the unknowns of a Biden presidency against the certain dangers of a second Trump term. On the one hand, a tax, a minimum wage, an energy policy you might not like; on the other, the demise of U.S. democracy, prosperity and global leadership. It shouldn’t be a hard call.”

Lots of us start meetings (or used to) with a bit of humor. I will end on this little joke. “A guy goes to his polling place on election day and is stunned at the length of the line. He walks over to an acquaintance very near the building’s door and asks: “How long have you been waiting to vote?” Her reply: “Four long years.”


5 thoughts on “Musings on the 2020 Election

  1. I love this post so much! You really said it all, Jackson. Our Democracy and human decency are on the line here. It’s been a long and sad four years, and I pray that we as a nation can rectify the grievous mistake that was made in 2016.


    1. Thanks, Em. We need a better outcome than four years ago. Back then, it was a referendum on the future vs. the past. In 2016 the past prevailed, but in the words of Joan Baez, “The future is still coming.”

      May the future arrive in the next week.


  2. May a better future already be here right now, so to speak.

    Hope you all are okay, always, of course, and during Zeta.

    Be well, be safe, focus on good things. 😀


    1. We are well, Kahuna. Thanks for asking & we trust you are feeling good, too.

      I read this response to Trump’s apparent imminent demise in an opinion piece by George Will, who has been a registered Independent for a couple of years now. He quotes the novelist John Updike, who captured the last four years brilliantly.

      ” ‘A healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people’s patience.’ This nation and its patience are exhausted.”

      It’s yet too soon to celebrate, but I think hope is in order.


      1. A great and apt quote. 😀

        Obviously, consumption has been far greater as we are not talking about someone anywhere near healthy.

        Yes to hope now and always.

        Hanging in here, thanks.

        Glad you are all well. 😀


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