Checking In and All Lives Matter

It is past time to include the black ones.

Kat and I are still healthy, and still fearful.  Our campground has become a small town with perhaps 25% vacant sites on weekdays and at most 10% on weekends.  Many of the semi-permanent campers are from hotspots Florida or Texas, and most of the weekenders work in or around Atlanta.  To make things worse, next weekend Top of Georgia Airstream Park is hosting a rally for owners of those squarish trailers made by Airstream, featuring colorful paint jobs known as Argosy.  Rallies involve lots of handshakes, and oldish, hard-of-hearing guys hollerin’ at each other at point blank range.  All the Argosys will be positioned near us.  Kat and I plan to run the AC all weekend and probably not even emerge to grill food outdoors.  I may have to begin taking the trash to the dumpster under cover of darkness.

Here is a Sunday funny which explains why so many refuse to wear masks.  Sad but true.

We buried an American hero Friday.  John Lewis was a man with that rarest combination of qualities: intelligence, compassion, and bottomless courage.  He wrote a moving farewell in the New York Times with the proviso that it not be published until after he was gone.  It’s 400 words or so, but wonderfully encouraging and hopeful for our future.  This is a must-read.  Here is that link.

At this point you’ve read over 600 words; I better sign off.   For us it’s so far, so good. To you: mask up and stay safe.  And imagine this:  one fine morning next spring you wake up, have coffee and read your online newspaper.  Then you’ll go about your day without having had to think about Trump’s machinations or misdeeds, not even once.

John Lewis’s last written wish was that we make it happen thereby enabling BLM.

We can, we must, we will.

5 thoughts on “Checking In and All Lives Matter

  1. Unbelievable that they are hosting a rally during a pandemic. Then again, considering the governor there, I’m not completely surprised. Glad you and Kat are staying safe. We’re sheltering in place in Durham and preparing for Isaias at the moment. It’s truly always something!


    1. You’ll have no problem with Isaias, unless a tree or limb crashes onto your rig. A power failure that lasts a while would be very unpleasant in August … the humidity that always follows a hurricane is hard to handle without A/C or even a fan. Bon chance, and it’s good to hear from you again.



      1. Thanks, Jackson. They are predicting up to 55 mph gusts in our area, so I am a bit worried, since we don’t have a garage and have a new car (Kia Soul) parked among the tall pines. Rain will not be an issue, only wind. This storm is taking a very similar trajectory and strength as cat. 1 Hurricane Fran where we lost power for 3 days and had trees down at our home in Cary, so I am not taking anything for granted. By the way, we are no longer RVing — we sold our motorhome in late 2018, moved to Mexico, lived on the Yucatan gulf coast for a year and a half, then returned to North Carolina right at the start of the COVID crisis (late March). We are in a rental home presently. We actually came back to be closer to my elderly parents, but with the virus, have barely been able to see them, irony of ironies!


  2. Sounds rough there in terms of safety.

    I am more grateful than ever to be out of NYC and in the mountains upstate.

    Though things improved in NYS as a whole, it is peak vacation season where I live, so I am still in lockdown.

    Too many out-of-towners around. Gov. Cuomo has quarantine orders for travelers, but they are hard to enforce on those coming by car and the like.

    Be safe and be well to you all, to everyone. 😍


    1. We are trying to stay safe, but even old people who don’t have the same name as me suffer from isolation. They want to get close, engage in extended conversations, and walk with you side by side. If people lived 200 years instead of 75 this would really tick me off!


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