Jackson’s Favorites, July 2016 through December 2018

You can find these by going to the black Search box under a big picture on the entry page to Life on the Blue Highways.  There is a light gray Search box; ignore it.  Go to the white box next to the black Search box.  In the white section thereof, key in the name or a few key words of the blog you want to access.  Voila!

Updated Favorites


Facebook   … why I don’t go there much

A Bittersweet Tale  …  pluses and minuses of full-time RV’ing

Conventions  …  Trump & Howard Beal; both Demo and GOP conventions

One Sad Day … a guy I like got fired, and others I admired died

An Evening in New Orleans  …  a dream of when I was young, and felt rich

The Sun Came Up  …  the morning after Trump beat Hillary

Postscripts to The Sun Came Up  …  Garrison Keillor’s and The Simpsons’ take

Dead Poets with Richard McCluggage  …  salute to one of my best teachers ever


Education and Football  …  high-end special ed and race relations, circa 1967

Washington D.C. 1993  …  I wrote about family vacation there then; here it is.

Afterlife of a Small Town  …  What became of Oil City after Quaker State left.

Rollin’ Coal  …  You have seen diesel pickups blowing black smoke.  Here’s why.

Suggestions on Gun Violence … We must do something.


Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, AZ … a town that capitalized on The Eagles

Bugger   … our inherited black cat

Sasquatch, No; Wolfman, Yes!  …  a tribute to Wolfman Jack and Guess Who

Crater Lake  …  The clearest, bluest water ever you will see is worth a trip.

Mount Rainier  …  Snow in June?  A mountain that makes its own weather

Mount Rushmore … too beautiful to be abused by a fireworks show

Hot Chicken …  a guide to Nashville hot chicken and its origins

2 thoughts on “Jackson’s Favorites, July 2016 through December 2018

    1. If pressed, I would suggest Afterlife of a Small Town (decline of middle America), Crater Lake (best photography), Education & Football (self-explanatory), Dead Poets (my best teacher), D.C. 1993 (wrote this back then), Rollin’ Coal (environment and pop culture), Evening in New Orleans (I wanna be Scott Fitz) and Bugger (pets).

      Thank you for reading and commenting Kahuna. And I like all the posts mentioned in Jax Favoritos. But these are my favorite eight children from that time period.



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