D. U. M. B.

We have met some interesting characters on the road, along with a few who are closer to disturbing.  Last week a fellow from Colorado parked his late model Airstream two sites north of our shined up older ‘Stream.   He had a couple of rare show dogs, little guys when full grown and one of them was just a puppy.  They were cute, cute, cute but small enough to constitute hawk bait, and he let them run free when he sat outside.  He, like us, employs a battle axe of a hitch made by a company named Hensley, of Davidson, MI.  Hensley hitches are painted bright orange and gloss black.  We got to talking about those hitches, trading stories, and about grease zerks and how to keep them lubed.     

Then the subject changed.  This fellow usually wore a red and white cap with a few dark dots atop the red bill, apparently from black Sharpie ink on the underside applied by a heavy hand.  Yes, it was a MAGA cap, and yes, I suspect a guy who would pay $4,000 for a rare AKC pup might order a  cap “signed” by DJT.  He sniffed around looking for a sense of my political leanings, and when I refused to rise to the bait he may have sensed the presence of a Libtard.  But still, I’m an old white guy from the south, most of whom still believe the election was stolen.  The subject change was a bit abrupt.  It went like this:  “Well, I think we’re in for some changes in the near future.”

“How so?”  “Well, have you heard about our Deep Underground Military Bases?  My friend The Archbishop swears there’s a huge base 5 to 10 kilometers below Denver that has tunnels with railroads running to bases under D. C., under Chalice, and one with aliens under Area 51.”  I told him my background includes land development, and cutting through solid rock is very expensive, not to mention that it has to be brought to the surface and carted away.  And besides the cost and earthquake risk, just three miles down it’s going to be very hot, even in winter, perhaps 150 degrees.  People and computers need a temperature below 80, and there is no way to keep that much heat at bay in a vast area with refrigeration. 

“Well, you know about UFO sightings and alien abductions, right?”  “Yes, but any life form with the technology to get here is likely to treat us the way we handled woolly mammoths, bison, and the Native Americans.”   “There are good aliens.  Truman and Ike met with them; they all got along well, and agreed we could study some of them, and they could study some of us.  That’s where the abductions came in.  We wanted to give them guys on death row, but they insisted on ordinary citizens.”  I was dumbfounded and stood silent.  “Later on word got out they wanted to use us as a food source, or at least drain a couple of the Great Lakes for their water.  Anyway, the US government is about to release all it knows about these aliens and UFOs, and that could really upset the apple cart.”

Kat had been watching and listening in the ‘Stream and upon this she came out and said “There’s a phone call for you from a headhunter … he’s holding.”

She got me out of the trap and I didn’t venture outside the rest of the day.  I was literally shaking that anybody could believe this stuff.  And this morning I read, in The Washington  Post, a piece explaining why the military has begun referring to UFOs as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).  Toward the end it confirmed plans to release publicly much of the known facts about our history with UAP’s.  You can read all about it in six to eight weeks.

Here’s a link to that Post article.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/05/17/ufo-sightings-navy-ryan-graves/ 

We don’t have D. U. M. B.’s.  But something is out there, watching us.  And somehow, I don’t feel real good about all this. 

4 thoughts on “D. U. M. B.

    1. We may learn a bit more in a few weeks, when the first installment of All We Know is released. And yes, Kat is as quick mentally as was Sugar Ray Leonard with his fists. But I cannot forget Carl Sagan’s admonition from 40 or so years ago: “Don’t think aliens will be kind to us. Every earthly species ever to reside at the top of the food chain has held no regard for those below. I don’t want aliens here, ever.”


  1. Saw that article. Can’t say I am surprised. The universe is vast. Interested in the coming report. Tending to side with Sagan on this one. 🚫👽🚫 As for your close encouner of a different kind, maybe somewhere, even if deep, deep down right now, you planted some seeds of light and reason in that guy. 🌞🌱🌞 You never know. 😅 Thank goodness for Kat’s quick thinking. 😍


    1. Maybe he was spoofin’ ME?

      Nah, anybody who believes that 60 Federal courts, even some with recent Trump appointments will deny the existence of The Big Lie just might believe in 50 square mile bases 15,000 feet below the surface.

      But a conversation like that does fire up my writing juices!


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