Our Most Important Post Ever

Eleven months and 14 days have passed since this nation inaugurated a new president, despite all the machinations of the former guy and his faithful band of suck-ups.  My blood pressure has been notably lower after Joe Biden took the reins of government, and it’s safe to say he has handled our Covid plague more responsibly than Trump did or would in a second term.  It also feels safe to say Joe has led and legislated us out of the Covid recession with wisdom and imagination which I cannot imagine from Trump – a president must admit a problem exists before leading action against it.  Civility and truth have returned to our government.  But we must not rest, nor forget “Stop the Steal” and the violent insurrection the former guy inspired and happily watched near the Oval Office behind the safety of the Secret Service. 

In a day or two I will post an unauthorized copy of an opinion piece published on January 3, 2022 by the Editorial Board of The New York Times.  Life on the Blue Highways doesn’t have a lot of readers and we have never posted a word of this for payment of any kind; besides, most of you don’t subscribe to NYT.  The publisher and writers of “Every Day Is January 6 Now” have sought to speak truth to Americans both extraordinary and ordinary.  Kat and I, members of the latter camp, are doing this to spread the word to our handful of loyal readers. 

Not all of you agree with us on things political, which is understandable and wonderful.  Yet I doubt that any of you believe there was sufficient fraud to lead to Biden’s win, and somehow I am certain that no one who watched the videos of the attack on the Capitol considers any of it “ordinary tourists” or “Black Lives Matter rioters”. 

Finally, I have good and bad news.  The good:  I found somebody who writes longer pieces than I do, if only on this one terribly important topic.  The bad:  they wrote almost 1,500 words. 

But they won’t bore you.  Please read them.

3 thoughts on “Our Most Important Post Ever

  1. Good to hear from you.

    Yes, things are better with Biden/Harris, but far from over re January 6th. Read that editorial.

    Wishing us all a better, happy new year.


    1. Don’t quit on Uncle Joe. He is getting things done, and moving forward beats slipping backward. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      And for reading us … Bless your heart!


      1. Oh, I was not at all complaining about Biden or Harris. Guess I should have made that sentence into two. 😀

        Thanks. My pleasure.

        Bless your hearts for writing here. 😍


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