The 200 Mile Rule

Fear kept us from re-visiting the Switzerland of Colorado, Ouray. The Million Dollar Highway must have been something back in the day when a cool mill was a lot of dinero. Back in my day we developed land with entrance roads costing more than that. Cars were much smaller in the 1930’s, and nobody drove 40’ RV’s or pulled 30’ Airstreams. From what we heard, the road from Silverton to Ouray is little changed aside from resurfacing. Guard rails are rare, long and steep drop-offs down the mountainside are common, and the road is so curvy and up-and-down, nobody gets to enjoy the spectacular views. Instead we pulled a supposedly much safer route from Dolores to Montrose and almost to Gunnison with our goal being safe arrival at Elk Creek Campground west of Gunnison.

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