What Do the Poor People Do?

We settled in for Chardonnay and people watching. Kat had just poured the wine when a big shirtless guy stumbled out of his old trailer and collapsed into a lawn chair. An unwashed-looking fellow pedaled past on an old bicycle, and no-shirt yelled at him “Hey, pig-face! You owe me money! I’m talking to you!” Pig-face paid him no mind. Kat thought she saw an old skinny guy tying off a vein, then with his other hand; did he give himself an injection?

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Boondocking in Salida

We found a so-so spot in the Bighorn Canyon campground. A day later we improved locations, this time securing a high site near the river, close enough to hear its music after dark.

Salida is Kat’s kind of town. Downtown is an old but well-kept, a mix of cafes, galleries, offices, shops and bars. The river runs right through old downtown, and the City of Salida operates two shady, manicured parks right there on the river.

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