Photography and Art

We have begun to add photos to our blog entries only in the past few days.  Neither of us has a flair for photography and the camera Kat uses is a ten year old Point and Shoot with just 2.7 megapixels of resolution.  Needless to say, the equipment needs an upgrade.   We are shopping diligently and trying to get up to speed on digital photo technology.


Even so old technology occasionally is good enough to get by.  In bright sunlight, especially in close-ups, the old Fuji takes some decent pictures.  It’s close to fully automatic, so close that we have never learned to use any of its features that are not.  Yesterday this came in handy.


After dinner the three of us strolled around the campsite admiring the lake from 270 degrees.  We saw several pairs of a bird I hadn’t seen in years, the scissor-tailed fly catcher.  They are very graceful flyers, and a modern DSLR on its video setting would capture them well.  But with 3X maximum zoom we can’t even get decent stills of them atop trees.   Sunset was coming on and it figured to be obscured by a low cloud bank.  But the clouds were moving, perceptually at the same rate as the sun, one going left to right, the other high to low.  Here and there we hit a small break in the cloud bank and old Fuji made some pretty good pictures, thanks to its fast shutter speed.


The photos came out darker than it really was.  Fuji’s not good in dim light, and it’s picky about what constitutes good light.  Here’s what Kat took.


TenK Sunset 1


TenK Sunset 2


TenK Sunset 3


Those look like Hudson River School paintings.  Go online and check out the landscapes of Thomas Cole and Albert Bierstadt.  This is what they were talking about!

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