Boondockers in Hail

It is a short three hour drive from Kaw Lake, OK, to Hillsboro, Kansas.  The weather forecast called for late afternoon storms, so we got off to a fairly early start to beat them.  One hour out we’re seeing lightning bolts framed by black clouds on the horizon.  An hour later it looks like we are out from under the weather; the sky is much brighter and the darkest clouds are behind us.  About then the next round of lightning fired up, close.  Ten miles deeper in the sticks it started to rain and then we noticed ice chunks the size of buckshot blowing themselves up on the windshield of the Red Sled.

Driver’s Ed did not address hailstorms.  I had no idea what to do, but meeting iceballs at 60 mph seemed likely to increase damage to the front of the truck and trailer.  I parked on the side of the road.  In five minutes it was over, apparently undamaged.  Natives drove past us going 30; perhaps that is what you’re supposed to do.  Later I Googled it, and Progressive Insurance (our carrier) suggests parking, preferably under a secure shelter, with your head wrapped in a towel, coat, or FEMA tarp.

I am totally serious, except about the tarp.

At Marion Lake we had the entire campground to ourselves.  More faux boondocking!  The weather was fine, although the site was soggy from recent rain.  The forecast called for falling temperatures and winter precipitation.  Overnight both fell.  Our heat pump works best above 35 degrees, and it got so cold in the Kat’s Cradle nobody got out of bed until after 9:30.   Sleet was everywhere.  And it was some cold outside.  30 degrees feels more like 15 when the wind is whipping around at 20 to 30 mph.

Old sun phoned it in today.  The day’s high temp may have reached 40.  Inside it was a fine day for scrubbing off malware, then surfing an excellent internet connection, for cooking a pot of red beans, and for rest and reflection.

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