Time Is On My Side

(The title is borrowed from the Rolling Stones’ 60’s hit, when it rang true for us Baby Boomers. These days it’s tongue-in-cheek humor, befitting retirement.)

During Sunday’s excursion to Lawrence the Red Sled told us it was time for an oil change. Ram 2500s have an on-board computer that tracks stop and go miles, highway miles, and towing miles. We had covered only 4,800 since the last change, but this truck has a brain. When it says it needs an oil change, I know that ignoring it means the dreaded Check Engine light will appear on the inside of my eyelids not long after bedtime. Truck don’t lie, and I knew that Monday I should find a reasonably priced oil change.

I went online seeking locations and prices. It took forever. Along the way a coupon offer popped up from a reputable oil change place. Fifteen minutes later we had unpacked the printer and burned a coupon. I drove into town, found the oil changer, made sure they had a filter and Rotella, and got ‘em going. On the way back I stopped at a grocery and reprovisioned, only to notice that the fuel was down to the One Quarter mark. In Hillsboro, KS, population 2,500, we paid $3.65 for diesel. The best deal I found in the big city of Lawrence was $3.89. This pricing was borderline criminal, but it was the seventh station I’d checked. I filled her up.

deerclintonlake 002


deerclintonlake 004


Yesterday, for lack of a good low-light camera, we could not catch the details of a great dusk photo of a herd of deer with a fine sunset in the background.

Today we missed photos of birds I’d never seen for lack of camera speed, zoom, and resolution. Later today I burned a couple of hours looking online for a good bridge camera, which is more camera than Point and Shoot, and easier to use than a DSLR. Early next week we will pick up Kat’s new Fuji S4800, and if our photography doesn’t meet the standards of HitchItch.com, you may sue us for a full refund.

Where am I going with this? When the time comes, you need to find things to do in your retirement. I spent four or five hours finding nearly optimal products while saving $50 or $60. A few months ago I would have considered that time wasted.

And now? It seems well spent.

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