New Camera

On the way to Nebraska City we stopped at a Target to buy a Fuji S4850 camera. It’s more camera than a Point and Shoot but easier to use than a full DSLR. Like everything else, you should read the instructions before trying to do anything useful, hence the delay in this post. And then there’s the weather. It’s been nothing but rain, rain, and rain until Monday. The sun came out about 2:00 p.m. The temperature quickly left the low 50’s for the upper 60’s and it began to feel like early springtime in the frozen north.

Kat set out on foot to find photo opportunities. First came the keel boat replica right here in the Lewis and Clark state campground, Onawa, Iowa. 19th century river boatmen poled and floated these things and all the cargo they could carry down the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers to Vicksburg, Natchez, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans. Once there the cargo would be sold at a handsome profit, the boats would be sold for their lumber, and used again to build houses. The crews would then walk home via the Natchez Trace, to repeat the trip the following spring.


Newpic 4


The birds were out in force today, and Kat caught an old friend in a series of pictures. I would compare today’s photos with those taken just three weeks ago in Oklahoma, but it’s just too embarrassing. Now you can tell this guy’s a pelican. Before? He and his bird buds could have been grocery bags with a carrot in the front. We’re getting better!

Newpix 2





The black birds above are coots. You don’t see them on land often, and along with buzzards and crows, coots are considered the least edible birds out there. They rank behind owls. Otherwise, why would old southern rednecks say “hotter than a boiled owl”?

Skipping back in time, our Saturday at Wal*Mart could only have been better had they held a Blue Light Special in our honor. (Okay, so that’s a long-gone Kmart thing.) The parking lot was busy until an hour before dark, when it really calmed down. During the night a pair of 18-wheelers parked next to us, and we were happy to have those big boys providing protection from blown-by-the-wind grocery carts. Everybody slept well, and we didn’t even have to unhitch the truck.

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