I Am Not Si of Duck Dynasty

Like a few thousand others, I am a graduate of North Caddo High School. Two of those other grads regularly appear on television and their current likenesses adorn countless sweatshirts and tees sold in Wal-Mart: They are Phil and Si Robertson, now famous for Duck Dynasty. Back then they were quarterbacks on a series of losing high school football teams. An old classmate has deduced that in real life I am Silas Robertson. Here’s some of her letter to my e-address, which since 1999 has begun with Duck716.

“I am hoping this is Si Robertson who went to North Caddo High School! (You are in my e-mail addresses because of a mass mailing a few years back to our Senior Class of 66 asking us for our opinions of the School changing its Mascot from Rebels to Lakers, or Polecats … something less offensive…) I am reading your book, Si-Cology 101, and it is hilarious! My children & grandchildren are very impressed with you in Duck Dynasty because you went to my high school and because you are so very funny! I contacted Tinker, and he replied. Ha! Anyway, I recognized his e-mail, so I thought this one may be yours, so I figured I could contact you as well!


I don’t recall if we had any classes together, but you mentioned Mrs. Jones in your book, and she was one of my teachers, too. Many of my friends at church and work are familiar with Duck Dynasty, and everyone is proud that faith in God, and prayer are included in the series, as am I! It’s difficult to find anything on television these days that is fit to watch!!! Of course, when folks find out we went to the same high school, there are all kinds of questions…how well did I know you? Were you that funny in high school? Ha! I don’t remember your being that “crazy” in high school, but it’s probably because I didn’t know you all that well…I have shown your pictures in my yearbooks to many of my friends.


Please reply to my e-mail if you are Silas! My family would be so impressed! Ha! It would make Andrew, my grandson, happy! He wanted me to invite you to come to Magnolia so he could prove to his friend that his Grammy knew you! An e-mail from you would be just as good!




Marjorie Smith Watson”


I wanted me/Si to impress her family but Kat wouldn’t let him mention the fun they had after the prom that Marj was too drunk to remember, along with say “Hello to little Andrew”.


To please my editor I just replied “Sorry, Duck or no duck, I’m not Silas”.


Marj’s response: “Oops! Sorry!”


Marjorie doesn’t remember me. She has never read Life On the Blue Highways. “Hey, Mrs. Jones taught my American History class too, Jack!” Fame is fleeting, at least for Marjorie, me, Mrs. Jones, and maybe for you.


And it’s better that way.

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