Workkamping 101

Have you ever heard a stay-at-home mom complain “I have just no time!”?   Well, it’s true.


House husbands have no time either.  Sure, I have only 200 square feet to take care of, but there are trips to the laundromat, to the grocery, meals to plan, prepare and clean up after, and you have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to make beds in the confined space of an Airstream! 


Looking West from Our Campsite
Looking West from Our Campsite

This is one reason it’s been two weeks since we’ve posted anything.  Another is that all the traffic on the Obamacare sign-up site has made the fight to register and learn about the plan absolutely ferocious.  The best reason I’ve not written is that your life is now officially more entertaining than mine.  I hereby invite all of you to post something fun, useful, or interesting that you’ve done as a comment on the Life on the Blue Highways site.  Because making beds and washing dishes is a far from interesting as Oil City, LA is from Oil City, PA.


Site of the Company Picnic
Site of the Company Picnic
Flippin' Burgers for the Company Picnic
Flippin’ Burgers for the Company Picnic


Burger Line at the Company Picnic
Burger Line at the Company Picnic

I’m a house husband and professional dog-walker (I have a paying gig!) because the Kat is now a seasonal employee of Amazon in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  Amazon hires hundreds of full-time RV’ers between September and Christmas, offering a decent pay check and a paid campground.  In their distribution center here she’s a picker.  Pickers roam the warehouse grabbing products to be shipped and putting them on a conveyor belt.  Shippers combine products ordered for shipment and package them.  Stowers place newly received products into the bins.  QC, or Quality Control, tries to keep the computer’s inventory in synch with what’s in the bins.  Everybody relies on bar code scanners and a powerful computer system to find stuff, track inventories, and ship the right things to the right customer.   Queen ants envy the organization of an Amazon location.  Anything less means chaos.


They Absolutely Detest Excreta Here
They Totally Detest Excreta Here
Both Kinds
Both Kinds

Kat is one of the lucky ones who drew the day shift.  Both shifts work ten hour days and four day weeks, with Wednesday being the overlap day.  Night shift pays a little more, but not enough for anyone to choose the sleep deprivation and the daytime disorientation that comes with it.  If you work nights you get to choose what to do on your three days off:  Do you stay up all night and hit the sack at 4:00 a.m., or do you try to reset your internal clock in one day so you can have a day life?  Everybody chooses the second option.


Our Neighbors at the Picnic
Our Neighbors at the Picnic, from R to L: Dave, Daphne (tie-dyed), Butch, Debbie, Dick, Lady in Blue, Linda.  Far Left: I Dunno.


Night people look and walk tired all the time.  Because they are.

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