Obamacare Update, November 3

Obamacare pre DeathWe have applied for ACA coverage in Kentucky, for several reasons.  For one, Ken-tuck operates its own state exchange.  Thus KY should be immune from potential damage from those lawsuits to kill tax subsidies for everybody in Federally operated exchanges.   Kat likes Amazon, and they like her work.  We’ll be back next year.  Reason Number Two is we will have to file a Kentucky and a Taylor County tax return the spring following every year she works here.  But we’ll be here four months at most, and elsewhere for eight: we can still call South Dakota HOME for rig registration and non-Amazon tax purposes.  With no state income tax, we can count on SD to be completely down with us calling the Black Hills our income tax home.  Reason Three is KY has a good multi-state plan through that old chupacabra, Blue Cross.  Next year the ACA is going to really clamp down on their blood-sucking tricks, and I think we can make do with them until we go on Medicare.


Kentucky is considered one of the success stories of Obamacare.  It’s a state-run exchange that is largely functional, and has signed up a lot of people.  We are not yet among them.  The application is twelve pages long over the internet, and it is roughly as stressful and detailed as doing your own income tax return by hand.  Then you sign electronically, click SUBMIT, and you’re officially in.  I did all that, but in review overlooked a one digit error in the middle of my SS number.  My reward:  an error message telling me I had until January 27 to send all kinds of documents to verify income, Social Security Number, and citizenship status.


I’m on Social Security, I have a passport, and an honorable discharge. The NSA knows I’m a citizen.


What would you do next?  You’d try to edit your online SSN, right?  Yeah, but that’s not allowed.  You can edit most of your information after submitting, but not your serial number.  Unfortunately that is not mentioned when you are asked to sign and submit your app.  I’m an idealist about government:  I just can’t accept that.  I tried Customer Service and heard, “You’re out of luck, Jim.  Send us them docs.”  I called another CS rep and got the same answer.


I then tried higher up, and heard encouraging words.  “We can fix that.  I’ll open a case.  Somebody will call you to get the information to fix it. Is this a good number?”


That was Wednesday.  Today is Saturday and so far there’s been no word.  I best call Monday.   You know that in time,  “We Shall Overcome”.    This is good policy: let’s make it succeed.

4 thoughts on “Obamacare Update, November 3

    1. Ron, I AM A Resident of more than one state, and have yet to read of anything that says I cannot qualify for ACA in a state in which I file a state tax return. I have been told by each of the four ACA navigators I’ve asked “which is my state” that it is a facts and circumstances test, and (between the lines) that there is no clear answer. I have read the eligibility section of the ACA legislation, and the subject of Which State just does not come up. From a practical perspective, there is no enforcement agency whose goal is to keep people out of ACA, or to kick them out once they’re in. The Federal objective is to get people affordably insured in a state where they can get medical treatment, period. Enforcement of ACA will be toward getting people into it, not out.

      How many states does the typical RVer live in each year? How many RVers have a camp host gig and work later in the year at Amazon or Lowe’s in a different state? How many file tax returns in multiple states? Those people have a choice of residence, and I don’t think it’s limited to where your rig is registered or where your Federal refund is sent.

      Perhaps you can share the source of your information with us, because I strongly suspect it is incorrect.

      Thanks for reading.



      1. You CAN NOT BE A RESIDENT OF MORE THAN ONE STATE You can only have a domicile in only ONE state at a time. You simply can not do what you are trying to do. Ask anyone and they will tell you that. When you signed up for ACA in AR you had to state your address… Did you state your domicile was AR or SD. You can’t declare you live in one state and later apply in another state for anything. You can only declare ONE STATE that you domicile in. Please think this through as one state or the other is going to come after you for misstatements. Sure you have to file state income tax in AR but you also 1040 IRS in SD. You can only be a resident of one state at a time.
        Do you not understand that?
        Just trying to keep either KY or SD from coming after you. Ask this question on any of the RV forums and you will get the same answer I gave you. Consult a tax lawyer and they will tell you the same thing.
        Just trying to help….


      2. Ron, I asked you for the sources of your information. “Ask anyone” is a flimsy response. ALL CAPS is not helpful either: you’re just SHOUTING. RV forums are reliable for camp reviews, RV maintenance tips, and often are interesting in dozens of different ways, but I fear most of them are poor sources of reliable ACA/tax information. Many RVers are on Medicare, and as such have no reason to waste their time researching the ACA. Are you on Medicare?

        I will file a KY tax return. SD has no income tax. Neither can “come after me” for not filing a return. I don’t do anything in AR; where did you get that?

        A tax lawyer, or any kind of lawyer for that matter, will tell you that no one is sure of the definition of any word in the English language, let alone a sentence, or paragraph of any law. That’s for the courts to decide. And once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a CPA. I can read IRS Regulations and Federal legislation. In this case, I have done so, and found nothing to invalidate my position.

        I’m trying to make this site interesting in the usual RVer way, and also a resource for ACA questions. If you have references to quote, I welcome them.



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