The Kat Saves The Cat

Workkampers are leaving Heartland RV Park.  Four neighbors have already left; Saturday morning we’ll pull out for Tennessee.  We’re going to camp along the French Broad River and have Christmas dinner with our old bud New Orleans Julee in Newport, TN.  We’ll stir up some clam chowder, and cook a rib roast with potatoes and vegetables.  We’ll bake a red and green velvet cake and a pecan pie.  Julee’s going to do some of her favorites.  It should feel like a traditional Christmas and a fine way to cap our work season.  Needless to say we’re looking forward to getting away from our granite and sand trailer park, and back to old friends and nature.


This morning before full daylight I heard a cat meowing.  We’ve been here 13 weeks and this is the first meow anybody’s heard.  Either somebody’s abandoned his cat, or his feline done escaped!  I like cats, but don’t want to keep one.  I tried to go back to sleep, but he kept complaining.  Pink wanted to walk and look for the lost kitty.   We went out.


Our next door neighbor was nearly in tears.  Debbie and Butch wanted to leave today at first light, and while moving stuff between the trailer and truck, the cat got spooked.  Pets notice when routine changes, and it disturbs them.  This was an old cat, with asthma, and a sandbox of neuroses.  Butch opened his door to discard the garbage, then Nicky the Cat bolted out.  Nicky used the cover of darkness to hide, and soon he went quiet.  We four looked high and low without success.  Then my Kat crawled under the trailer Nicky was last seen under.  Kat crawled in pretty far, and saw eyes looking back at her from the undercarriage of Nightshift Dave & Daphne’s RV.

Cat eyes

Old Nicky was way up under there.  To get him somebody would have to crawl further under and grab him.  Kat started her approach to Nicky.  Butch offered this encouragement:  “He’s got no front claws.”  About then Nicky let out a fearsome hiss while displaying a mouthful of ivory daggers.  Butch added more encouragement: “You’ll have to go in fast!”

Snarling Cat

Kat grabbed old Nicky and held on tight.  Nicky seemed pleased to be caught and didn’t bite.  Deb crawled under from the other side, and calmed him down.  Deb got him out, and they headed toward Florida with their old cat.  ‘Twas a happy ending to Amazon 2013, thanks to the Hero Kat.


Shall we call her Lifesaver?

7 thoughts on “The Kat Saves The Cat

  1. A sweet story with a happy ending. 😀 Well done.

    Sounds like a delightful holiday season in store for you, Kat, and Pink in Tennessee.

    Hmm. Not sure about Lifesaver.

    Purrhaps (sorry, I could not resist) Katwoman? KatWoman? 😉 🙂


    Happy Holidays and A Merry New Year.



      1. I do like the name Lifesaver. 🙂

        (A little while after I sent this comment, I had a feeling I might have worded it better, or left out something, but have not had a chance to come back to check till now.)

        How does Kat feel about the name?


      2. We call her Kat. Lifesaver is just an old family joke based on the false alarm apartment fire scene in that insanely funny Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk”.



      3. Whoosh! That’s the sound of that one going over my head. 😀

        The one and only time I’ve seen that funny movie was when it first came out in 1979, and I had forgotten that scene until now.

        To refresh my memory, I went online, where (of course) the scene is on YouTube.

        Once I saw a few seconds of the video, it all came back to me. 🙂

        Here is the one I watched:

        Here are more:



    1. Yeah, I talked to Debbie on the phone a couple of days later. She holds the theory that the cat feels like he’s in the doghouse, and clearly sensed he was in deep doo-doo. Hence he wasn’t cool with coming out on his own. Once somebody grabbed him, he felt glad to have been apprehended, and so let them put him back into the trailer.

      Compared to cats, dogs are simple. I have no idea what my dog thinks, except when I’m eating. Deb’s analysis could be a bit anthropomorphic. But that’s how pets hook us!



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