Paranormal Activity

There is a fellow camped a couple hundred yards down the road here at Cottonwood.  He lives in an older travel trailer and pulls it with a nice van.  He’s short, maybe 5’ 2”, swarthy with a full black beard.  I’d guess his age at 45, plus or minus five.  The man is a gregarious sort, quite talkative.  He talked to his neighbor so much that guy packed up and left.


Mars Camp.  My Favorite Martian From Detroit's Abode.
Mars Camp. My Favorite Martian From Detroit’s Abode.

He is My Favorite Martian from Detroit.  I have not learned his name for I am not yet ready to leave.  He could be of Italian or Middle Eastern descent, but this is America:  no one cares.  We will just call him MFM.


We met walking our dogs, who acted like old friends.  He talked about a No Leash Dog Beach outside San Diego, and how Dobermans and Rotties there played gleefully with terriers and dachshunds.  Everybody got along swimmingly.  I mentioned such a park back in Raleigh with the caveat, “But you gotta watch where you step.”


Then he asked if I camped in the AirStream at the top of the hill.  “Yes, she’s old, but still comfortable.”  MFM said “I love AirStreams, but I’m reading a book … I don’t want to worry you, should I shut up?”  “No, tell me about it.”


Later Full Moon Over Cottonwood
Full Moonrise Over Cottonwood

MFM continued “There’s a lot of science going on that they don’t let us know about.  Torsion Fields, for example.  You never hear about that, but the Russians have done a lot of work in that area, and it’s fascinating stuff.  The book I’m reading is called The Source Field Investigation by David Wilcock.  Some people think Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.”  He looked hard to see if the name meant anything, so I had to verify my New Age bonafides by saying “You mean the oracle/clairvoyant who made big money in astrology?”


Later Full Moon Over Cottonwood
Later Full Moon Over Cottonwood

MFM smiled “Yes!  The Russians have done these experiments with green lasers shining through salamander embryos onto frog embryos.  The frog embryos live and grow up to be perfect  salamanders.  They even reproduce with other salamanders.  Which pretty much confirms the Torsion Field Theory.”  Still, I had to ask “Why should living in an AirStream worry me”?


“Well, aluminum inhibits the healing force of torsion fields.  Torsion fields are waves of energy that come from the heart of outer space at thousands of times the speed of light, and it’s a force for good in all living things.  Aluminum disrupts those waves.”


I shook my head, and probably grinned:  “You must have never been to an Airstream Rally.  They’re almost all retired, many for decades, most have been ‘Streamers for a long time, and almost all are healthy.  I’ll take my chances!”


I’d had enough and parted company on good terms.  Back at Kat’s Cradle I googled David Wilcock and the science MFM talked about.  Wikipedia considers it pseudo-science that nobody here publishes because it’s not remotely science-based, at least on this planet.    Wilcock’s first book laid out the argument that he himself is the reincarnation of Cayce (excellent marketing, since Cayce died in 1945 and still had syndicated horoscopes in newspapers well into the 80’s).  Wilcock prophesied that in 2012 a large segment of humanity would “ascend”, but he missed that one unless he just meant “get high”.  David Wilcock did write, and somebody reputable published, his book The Source Field Investigation in 2011.


MFM may not be a kook.  But if he is a kook, he is not alone.  That book opened at #18 on The New York Times Bestsellers List, and stayed on that list quite a while.


Maybe the Republicans are right:  not everyone should vote.

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