A Mission to Zion

Zion National Park has two campgrounds suitable for RVs and travel trailers.  Watchman accepts reservations and is booked up from last month to October; the other (South) is first-come, first-served.  The Park Service website warns that reservations are advised, but I am too Mediterranean to plan that far ahead.


Our Lion Boulevard Campsite
Our Lion Boulevard Campsite

Kat learned from FreeCampsites.net that people routinely park their rigs on Lions Blvd in Springdale, UT, a mile from the entrance gate.  We got to Zion in mid-afternoon but figured we’d avail ourselves of the park’s free water and dump station while scouting the campground — maybe someone left early.  The ranger at the gate told us we had no chance unless we appeared by 9:30 a.m., which struck me as odd since checkout is 11:00.  We got water, made water, then parked on Lion Blvd.


Attack Turkey
Attack Turkey

Up the boulevard somebody has a chicken and turkey coop.  Big old gobblers roamed the yard, lording it over the roosters.  We had a dinner of shrimp with red curry sauce.  The moon was full but our view to the east was full of mountain; by the time La Luna came up she was white as a ghost.  We planned to get up early and find a site at South.  If we failed, we could try again tomorrow, or blow off Zion and move on to Bryce Canyon.

The stakes were high.


We Were Duly Warned.   We Should Have Warned the Turkey About Pink.  The Fence Saved Him.
We Were Duly Warned. We Should Have Warned the Turkey About Pink. The Fence Saved Him.

Around 6:00 a.m. the first rooster crowed and a moment later someone who doubts my ability to hear, noted “A rooster.”  I laughed “Yep!”  A minute later he crowed again and the Kat was getting dressed.  My odds of further sleep had struck none, so I too rolled out.


Reverse Sunset from Our Spot in Line for South Campground
Reverse Sunrise from Our Spot in Line for South Campground

Four campers had spent the night on Lion Blvd.  Three were yet to stir when we left.  We arrived at South Campground at 6:30, second in line behind a couple of Scots who must carry the stain of Teutonic blood.  She was walking the grounds looking for early departures, and when he saw me pull out the bicycle, he began hoofing it too.  Kat bailed out to chat up a lady packing up in a drive-thru site, and the Kat found our spot.  #94 had been Georgia Jen’s (she’s from New England with GA plates) and Jen willed it to us.  I did the paperwork before the Iron Ranger.  We got settled and set to work on breakfast.  The Camp Host knocked, skeptical of our claim on the site.  Georgia Jen had left a day early.  I’m trying to explain “We talked to her … ” when Kat interrupted with a question for the host:


A Camp Fellow's Odd Rig
A Camp Fellow’s Odd Rig
Kung Fu, or Yoga?  She Thinks I'm a Bit Strange, Too.
Kung Fu, or Yoga? She Thinks I’m a Bit Strange, Too.

“Are you Light Curve on the Road?”  That’s a blog on HitchItch.com (they won’t have us because I write as much about philosophy as travel).  He broke into that 150 watt grin all bloggers get when somebody recognizes us (our next such time will be our first).  “Yes, but I haven’t posted anything since April.”  Kat shook her head: “March”.


For Some Reason, Kat Likes These Guys
For Some Reason, Kat Likes These Guys
This Is an LSU Campground!  Gotta Be:  Purple and Gold Fleurs
This Is an LSU Campground! Gotta Be: Purple and Gold Fleurs

With that retort, our trial was over.

2 thoughts on “A Mission to Zion

  1. Hey, I’m a Georgia Jen too! As least as far as license plates go. Zion was one of only two reservations I made this year – can’t believe how popular that place is. Hope you enjoy your stay there as much as we did ours!


    1. There’s room enough in this country for more than one Georgia Jen, especially if one is really a Boston Jen. Zion has not disappointed us in any respect … even the river is cold enough to cool you off just by soaking the feet on a 90 degree day. I may have to put this one very near the top of my favorite places list.



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