Wildflowers After the Storm

Around 9:30 last night a baby thunderstorm flashed, boomed, and rolled over Camp Dick.  It was enough to thoroughly moisten the ground, and it washed the pollen off the Red Sled and Kat’s Cradle.  She was already asleep, but I stayed up a while to watch the lightning.  You know by now: I sure love thunderstorms and neon signs.

Two Fleurs w Rock

Middle St Vrain Creek
Middle St Vrain Creek


Red Fleurs St Vrain

It was not a spectacular storm or even an impressive one.  But the plants around here are so grateful; like Copenhagen snuff, you can see it in their smile.  The creek is up, our rocky cliffs to the north now showcase not one water seep, but three, and everywhere the wildflowers have bloomed overnight.  On another day I might have written that they are “in full riot mode” but I fear that next month we will see a more vivid version of that in Cleveland.

Unknown Fleur w Rock

Kat went on a long hike this morning and she captured many wildflowers, all strange, lovely, and mostly unknown to us.  If we had more internet I’d try to identify them, but for now let’s just enjoy the pictures.

Bluestar Fleurs St Vrain Creek

Nuther Unknown Fleur

The clouds are looking rather impressive today.  It could happen again tonight!

Wild Roses after the Rain


2 thoughts on “Wildflowers After the Storm

  1. Love the wildflowers! I never know but a fraction of them, but I think the purple one (third from the bottom) is a columbine, and the one below it may be a wild geranium. Gorgeous!


    1. We are in Colorado. Columbine it may well be. I’ll have to google wild germans … I thought they was mostly in Europe.

      Thanks for commenting, Em.



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