Postscripts to The Sun Came Up

Now and then I wonder why I bother to write.  There are so many who tell better tales, who assemble more descriptive or perceptive word combinations, and in general fly where I at my best ride a bicycle.  Here is a much sunnier version of my post-election lament.   HRC backers will enjoy this, and it will help you and me survive the coming long cold winter of right wing rule.  Trumpers will be less impressed, unless your sense of humor can appreciate satire from the loyal opposition.

So here’s my hero, Garrison Keillor, with a rather high-brow take on how we liberal Democrats can cope with #45.

Garrison Keillor: Older and Wiser
Garrison Keillor: Older and Wiser

Here’s another hero in my slightly earlier life, Matt Greuning, forecasting the outcome of a Trump presidency in a scene from The Simpsons, circa 2000.

Believe It Or Not: FOX Broadcast The Simpsons!
Believe It Or Not: FOX Broadcast The Simpsons! 

This is the story published by Rolling Stone, but the video within it is no longer fuctional.

Here is a Cliff’s Notes Youtube version which captures its essence.

Life is good.  We will survive this.

9 thoughts on “Postscripts to The Sun Came Up

  1. I read and loved the Garrison Keillor article when it appeared in my Facebook feed, but I was not aware of the Simpsons’ prediction. Wild!

    I think you are an excellent writer and appreciate your blog, by the way. Keep it up, please!


  2. Please keep the posts coming, Jackson. You have your own unique voice. We love it, and we want to hear it.

    We also want to see Kat’s great photos.

    I was just about to go leave a comment that I wrote the other day, on the “The Sun Came Up” post, that included the Keillor link, when I saw this new one.

    Glad you found the link.


    1. Our posts have their seasons. August thru Dec we gather acorns for the coming year. Jan and Feb we migrate south and try to keep our plumbing from freezing. March to June is travel time, and that’s when Kat is most active with the camera. July we try to find someplace cool to rest up for the next harvest season. The posts will keep coming – I love writing them. Thanks for the kind words, as usual.



  3. Thanks for the Simpson link here.

    It seems we should be getting our news from cartoons and comics. 🙂

    In an earlier comment, I thought I posted this link, or the one in it, about Doonesbury and Trump, but I can’t find it.

    If it is a duplication, my apologies.

    Be sure to click on the hot link “imagining a Trump presidency” in the above to see the Doonesbury strips, and check out the two links at the end of the article, and so on, to see more.


    1. That’s a coincidence, Kahuna: just the other day I realized that the pre-election coverage from FOX felt less reliable than that of Al Jazeera.


      And there can never be too much Doonesbury. (Someone should search Calvin and Hobbes for Trump references!)



    1. God forbid! All it lacks is foresight. The words of the PREZ-elect fit Calvin perfectly, or excuse me, Cal’s words sound so much like what we would expect to hear from Donald.


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