It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll!

Retirement is not all easy money and cheap, superb, healthcare.  Some of us don’t sleep so well.  I have frequent bad dreams that for the most part have little to do with my life, actual or imaginary.  Last night I woke up twice with dreams so real it was necessary to take walks around the campground to shake them.  You see, Life on the Blues has followers we care about — more than a few — and one of you was involved.

Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band in the World in '64
Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band in the World in ’64

President Trump used several tunes by The Rolling Stones in his campaign, and again at his inauguration.  The Stones objected repeatedly, but Trump’s digital band played on.  His campaign theme was You Can’t Always Get What You Want (… “but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need”!)  He walked onto the stage the night before inauguration to Heart of Stone, an odd choice for a narcissist (they crave approval).  I thought Microsoft owned the rights to Start Me Up, but he used that one at times during the primary season.  George W. Bush should have been asked, as common courtesy to another Republican, for permission to use Brown Sugar (which was W’s nickname for Condoleezza Rice) but even The Google cannot say whether W was or was not asked.

One of our followers is close to the “Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band in the World”, The Rolling Stones.  This guy really enjoyed our stories about fake IRS agents, my bestiality-crazed English cousin, and the one about me singing Beachboys Christmas songs in Wal-Mart.  He granted permission for this post on condition that I only identify him a ‘member of the band.’

A Member of the Band
A Member of the Band

So I called him up (he spends most of his time in the States … women love his Cockney accent here) and I asked, Are you a Trump guy?  “’ell no!  Why would you think such a thing?”  He’s using your music; doesn’t that require your consent?  “Not in the USA.  Our lawyers have been all over it, but so long as he pays BMI a few cents royalty, it’s his right.  Public domain and all, wot!”


Well, ol’ Donald has good taste in music.  I would have used a lot of your stuff myself, but I do think Sympathy for the Devil would fit his campaign better.  “Ha-ha, that’s a good one old man!  But I’d customize the lyrics:   ‘A man of wealth and taste … been around for a long, long year … stole many a bank’s cash to waste!  Yeah, that woulda been much better, Jackson.”

Sure, the music rocks but sometimes your words mock him.  Given Trump’s long record of sexual assault, why do you think he chose Heart of Stone as his walk-on music last night?


“There’s been so many girls that I’ve known
I’ve made so many cry, and still I wonder why
Here comes a little girl, I see her walking down the street
She’s all by herself, I try to knock her off her feet

‘Cause you’ll never break, never break, never break, never break
This heart of stone, oh no, no, this heart of stone.”


“Jackson, ol’ sod, don’t want to sound like I got the big head, you know, but the man envies me.  He wants to be me!  And why not?  I’ve ‘ad fifty birds to each of his, I got more money, less debt, and I don’t need no bloody taxidermist to do my hair.  ‘ell, using our music is the most honest form of flattery.  And after talking to you, I kinda like it.”

I must have dreamed the whole conversation; Mick’s not a follower.

4 thoughts on “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll!

  1. You are so funny, Jackson. I could hear this as an actual conversation if you were really talking to Mick.

    Who knows, maybe he will become a follower now. 🙂


    “No taxidermist to do my hair.” That is priceless.


    As for the songs, it is a drag Trump can use them. It is creepy that he used _Heart of Stone_.

    Like your new lyrics for _Sympathy for the Devil_. Agreed it would be a better choice.


    For sleeping, I have found using lemon balm extract and passionflower extract are great, Take drops of each in a tiny bit of water before bed. Experiment to see how much is needed for each one.

    There are some possible drug interactions for both, but otherwise, should be okay.


    1. I don’t have trouble going to sleep. It’s the damned dreams. They wake me up and keep me from resuming the old snore. What I need is a tea that brings sweet dreams.


      1. Let me know if you find that tea, as I could use it, too. 🙂


        The extracts I mentioned may not help with the actual dreams, but they can help you fall back asleep. Suggest using less in the middle of the night than at bedtime unless you want to sleep later than usual.

        Another one you might try is Hyland’s Biochemic Phosphates. It’s a sublingual tablet and convenient to use. A few under the tongue. No mixing, no water.


        Thought you did fine with Mick’s accent.


        It would be good form to ask permission to use the music, but then, we now know all too well that is not part of DJT’s persona.


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