We haven’t posted in a long time, nearly two months.   Haven’t felt like it, partly because we have been worn out physically and emotionally from cleaning out and fixing up Walt’s home for sale.  We completed the preparation for sale work today.  And tonight a serious, beautiful rain is falling on our Airstream.  The President might say “Such a lovely sound.  Great, great sound — music from nature.  Rain doesn’t sound like that in a lot of places.   You can really hear rain in my states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  But California?  Not so much.”


For the first time since we lost our old buddy Pink, once again there are three fools in Kat’s Cradle.  Walt’s big black cat Magic has come to live with us.


Neither Kat nor I are cat people.  But this feline has the personality of a dog.  Walt would call “Magic” as he toddled off to bed, and quick as a roach, his fat cat would follow him.  She notices people who are too close to her house, pricks her ears, and bounds to the next window to watch them trespass upon Walt’s zero lot line alleyway.  Make a strange sound nearby and that crazy cat will run to see its source.  Magic is a watch cat.


Nobody knows whether we can coexist with a cat and her litterbox, even a fastidious feline such as Magic.  Walt didn’t want us to have custody of Magic.  He noticed that my bad knee would keep me from catching a cat on the loose in the wide world outside his home.  And he knew that such a smart cat would learn to watch the one door on our Airstream, and one day would bolt when it opened.


But no one wants to adopt adult cats.  They want kittens, at least until those kittens grow up.  No one has expressed any interest in providing a lifetime home for young Magic, this wonderful blend of cat and dog, this highly social kitty who tries to play with our other two black cats in our Airstream’s full-length mirrors.


Magic lives with us.  We will strive to give her a good home and as good a life as is possible for her without her man, Walt.  But if you need a sweet black cat, de-clawed*, and neutered with up to date shots, we might just camp in your neighborhood.


*Walt never declawed his cats.  Magic was abandoned and found her way to his door clawless and spayed.   (He set out food every night for strays and ferals).  Magic has a chip, and Walt (years ago) and we (today) have tried to contact her previous owner who bought a lifetime membership in Home Again.  Magic is a Leo, born in 2013.  In that previous life she was known as Dory.   We think Magic fits much better.

3 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Happy to see you posting again and pleased Magic has found a home with you all. 🙂

    Magic sounds a bit like the cat that found me about 3 years ago.

    He is also a sentry cat, acts like a dog in many ways. Comes when I call, follows me everywhere, runs from window to window to check out any trespassers, patrols the house at night, and so on.

    It is a shame people don’t adopt older cats. They have as much to offer and are as sweet as kittens.


    1. We remain dog people, Kahuna, and while we won’t put her on the street, we continue to look for a cat person’s home for Magic. There is only so much room in a travel trailer, and springer spaniels prefer their own bedding. Dogs are more active in daylight, but cats are midnight ramblers, just when I need to sleep.


      1. It’s not ideal having a cat in a travel trailer.

        At the same time, while Magic mourns she is with familiar faces. This might make the transition to a new forever home easier for her.

        Hope you all have managed to get some sleep. 🙂


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