A Wonderful Online Newspaper

Life on the Blue Highways carries a cost to its authors.  We are homeless, as we no longer have a hometown nor a daily newspaper to land with a WHUMP outside our door.  This troubled me for the first four years of our odyssey, and then … WHUMP … an ad popped up in a story I was reading on line and offered us a subscription to the Washington Post for $10 a month, with the first month priced at just a dollar.  That, my friends, was an offer I could not refuse.


Since then Kat and I have been amazed by WaPo’s high quality journalism.  They blow us away.  If you happen to live in a journalism- underserved town, consider the Post.  They will offer you the same deal.  Invest a hundred pennies to read it for a month, and you will be hooked on its logic, insight, and wonderful writing.


Your subscription comes with the Sunday comics such as Doonesbury, Lio, Dilbert and Get Fuzzy.  Better yet, the WaPo’s commenters are articulate, witty, and incisive.  I will give a few samples here, all referring to Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in which he revived – rather than following the teleprompter – “The Snake,” a parable about a tenderhearted woman who takes in an ailing snake and gives him milk, honey and a silk blanket, only to be killed by the revived creature’s poisonous bite.


Which is pretty much how Trump has rewarded his base and girlfriends not named Melania.  But enough of that:  I will finish this with WaPo comments on The Snake.


“The case for neurosyphilis is as strong as ever.”  (I think it is actually tertiary syphilis … third, and end-stage.)


“Fear mongering, racist rhetoric, mean comments, more lies than you could count and general nastiness from the man who occupies the same office as Abraham Lincoln once did. His aides were right about one thing, what we heard today was “vintage” Trump. And our nation hangs its head in shame .”


“Trump is a thin-skinned, self-centered, bigoted, sorry excuse for a man who isn’t even remotely qualified to be President.  He proves this daily.   Sometimes hourly.”


That’s the end of the quotes.  I can’t make this stuff up folks.  But you can see why I love this newspaper.  It is honest news, the progressive antidote to Fox, and WaPo does not even have to slant the facts.  Straight up truth, compared to the Fox version, will simply knock your eyes out.

Just ask Little Orphan Annie.

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Online Newspaper

  1. Agree that WaPo is a fine newspaper.

    I read it for free online all the time.

    Whenever I get the message that I’m about to exceed my allotted free articles, I clear my cache and cookies.

    This works with many other online newspapers, too.

    While there may be limitations to reading online newspapers like this, I haven’t found any yet in what I want to read.

    Saves some money since it would cost a lot more than $10 a month for me to read all the online ones I peruse.


    1. I have limited wireless data and thus have to use an ad blocker. Most sources not behind paywalls are unreliable or quickly object to my blocking software. So we pay Wa Po. $10 a month for all that news deserves my support.



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