Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

I am probably chronologically older than 90% of my fellow Americans, and therefore I expect you kids to have some familiarity with that fine 70’s classic rock band The Eagles.  C’mon, you hear them today on the radio, and even in WalMart!  Take It Easy is one of their most accessible hits, involving a young fellow with too many girlfriends.  I never had that problem, but an old friend did.  Through his stories and my active imagination, it was easy to feel the scene composed by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, principal writers and performers in that band.  I never dreamed Winslow would fund and build a park around this music, but they did.

Kat & Jackson (Browne)

Okay, you took it down?  Well, I’ll fix you!

For funsies I often Google “Things to do in Timbuktu” or whatever sad burg we find ourselves in.  TripAdvisor rates such things, and OMG, #1 in Winslow is “Standin’ on a Corner” park.  Five miles away?  We simply had to go there in search of good Arizona Mexican chow and to pose for selfies with two of the world’s best bronze rockers.  The one with the guitar is not Don Henley – he had no part in writing this hit – but rather, the guitar man is Jackson Browne who co-wrote it with Frey.  Glenn Frey is the other statue, depicted much as he looked when Take It Easy hit the charts: a long-haired hippie boy with an eight-figure bank balance.

I Can’t Believe Glenn Frey Was Taller Than Me

The park features a façade of a building painted with a mural of a girl driving a flat-bed Ford.  The mural has seen better days and a local charity is raising money for restoration.  To help publicize it they parked a flat-bed Ford truck on that very corner.   Kat took some pictures and off we went to E&O’s Kitchen for that fine Ari-Mex food.

The Corner, The Facade, The Mother Road

E&O’s offers no beer, so forget about margaritas, but the water is cold and the food earned rave reviews.  I had a blue corn pulled beef enchilada with green chile sauce and a beef chimichanga with their fiery red sauce.  Kat ordered a blue enchilada and a tostado with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and plenty of queso.   We agree: E&O’s Ari-Mex es excellente!

Takin’ Off From Winslow-Lindbergh Airport

This was also our first experience with fine dining at an airport.  Winslow-Lindbergh Regional mostly serves single-engine planes but I think its runway is sufficient for smaller twin-engine aircraft.  Kat took some nice shots through the window of E&O’s.  People actually fly in, enjoy a good meal, then fly out.  That sounds like a good way to turn a $50 dinner into a $150 dinner (planes drink expensive fuel and get poor gas mileage), but other people buy yachts, hire a crew, and moor them next to waterfront restaurants.  That’s a way to turn $100 drinks and hors d’oeuvres into a $1,000 dinner.  But in either case, the joys of hard-earned ostentation make it money well spent.

Dropping In For Enchiladas and Ice Water

As with Take It Easy, I still have that vivid imagination.

And here’s a personal favorite, written by Frey, J. D. Souther, and Don Henley.

2 thoughts on “Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

  1. This is great! These Eagles songs take me back to another life time. I met Jackson Browne once and so he is also eternally 25 to me which makes this statue looks about right to me. Thanks. Liz


    1. I didn’t meet him but on a Tuesday at 5:00 a.m. before Mardi Gras day in the late 70’s John Belushi sang Joe Cocker’s “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” for me and Kat. We operated a Bourbon Street arcade front that sold draft beer and cello-wrapped sandwiches. John tipped us a quarter, which is remarkable only because 1) the prices were wildly exorbitant, and 2) nobody else gave us so much as a nickel all night. I twigged to his real ID after maybe 16 bars … he knew the words, and was singing on the beat, in the same key as Cocker. Told him “Kat, this guy is here doing Saturday Night Live” and he gave us a brief smile and a wink … spilled half his Miller onto his pants, and with a wave disappeared into the night.


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