Outdoor Sculpture Gardens in D.C.

(One of the perks of writing a blog that no one pays us a nickel to write is that we can damn well do what we want, when we want, and in What Order.  So my story of our DC trip will be published when the photos are edited.  And that means from end to beginning.  Yes, younger people would have used a different memory chip for each day, but hey, we all learn from our mistakes.)

Graft, as though Trump, grafted onto the GOP, has mutated it toward kleptocracy.

I feared my new knee would not be sufficiently strong or reliable to do much walking in D.C.   But it held up and after hiking five miles or so combined in days one and two of our visit, and it felt good enough to do another couple of miles to see the outdoor sculptures at the Hirshhorn and National Gallery of Art.  Kat took some wonderful pictures, and her pics are the story here.   Of course I will butt in with some verbiage and adjectivage, but I cannot let her completely own the spotlight.  And here we go.


Moondog at the NGA Garden, by Tony Smith

I thought the one above would be an elephant going uphill for re-election, but no.  The one below looked to me like a Normandy beach obstacle, but once again, wrong.

Aurora, by Mark di Suvero
Louise Bourgeois … untitled/unknown
Not Quite the Model Rodin Employed

Didn’t Rodin chisel out The Thinker?   Yo, I never took Art History:  don’t trust me.

Claes Oldenburg’s Eraser

One has to be of a certain age to remember typewriter erasers.  They were worthless.  The IBM Selectric III put them out of business, if Liquid Paper had not already done so.  And then came word processors.  How did we live back then?

NGA’s Fountain Beginning w National Archives in the Backgroun
Fountain’s Streams Begin to Converge
Water Is Forming a Column
Peak Fountain Column

In the winter people skate on this fountain, when global warming will allow it.

Sol LeWitt’s 4 Sided Pyramid
Roy Lichtenstein’s Small House
Part of a Flower Garden Next to the NGA Sculpture Garden
Jurassic Dragonfly in the Flower Garden by the NGA Sculpture Garden.
Government employees have more to deal with than Trump.

Some poor goose had just re-seeded the turf here.  The pigeons may get him fired.

Not Adam Lambert: It’s Balzac in the Hirshhorn Gardens.
Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkin
Marine One Ferrying NOT MY PRESIDENT to Air Force One

Kat knew somebody from the White House was flying to Dayton and then to El Paso to console first responders to those mass shootings.  She threw up this pic and didn’t think she hit it.  Blowing up the frame by 600% reveals a new helicopter with a white top and green bottom:  Marine One on its way to Andrews AFB carrying Putin’s best American friend.

One thought on “Outdoor Sculpture Gardens in D.C.

  1. Great photos and commentary. Love the sculptures. The spider looks very similar to one we used to ride our bikes by frequently in Kansas City, suspect it’s the same artist. Good to hear that you were able to get around on your feet and enjoy the sights!


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