Incidental music for an election

Incidental Music is the background sound to every ballet.  (One of my liberal arts electives was Music Appreciation; you learn so much minutiae there.) A long time reader pointed out there are neither pictures nor music in our after-election post.  And in my sleep these old tunes came to me.  Posted first is my third choice.

Had Senators Graham, Tillis, Collins, and Ernst been put out to pasture, this one would have captured the mood perfectly.  But the tight harmonies, lush instrumentation, and that soaring lead of Marilyn McCoo make The 5th Dimension’s Age of Aquarius worth a listen on any day. That tempo and key change late in the song is a neat parallel to the changes in philosophy and attitude of Trump’s administration to what we all expect from Joe’s. Written for the Broadway musical Hair 50 years ago, this is a fitting goodbye to our modern day Hair.

My close second choice combines musical genius with inspired, highly appropriate for the moment lyrics.  Give Me Love (Peace on Earth) by George Harrison was, to my knowledge, never shoplifted into a Trump rally (they never ask permission to use music nor pay anything for the rights) it would be perfect for a Biden-Harris event. 

The winner features another George Harrison vocal, this time with The Beatles.  Here Comes the Sun captures the spirit and feeling of 11:00 a.m. November 7 perfectly.  Its cheery, hopeful, thankful words express the joy that we saw on live TV of Philly, DC, and New York street dancers and other election celebrants.

It’s a new day.  Let’s turn the page, welcome back quieter times, and get to work on healing our wounded civility and repairing a damaged but still functional democracy.

3 thoughts on “Incidental music for an election

    1. Thank you, and you hang in there too. We are gonna eat too much, possibly drink too much, and celebrate plague-to-date health. January is Florida barring a government shutdown. Feb is south Louisiana and if all is well, our March is in Texas. We hope to get vaccinations somewhere in there, and while summer feels a long way off, if we make it that far travel comes next along with happier, hopefully non-political writing.


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