Basketball, Movies, and Excellence

I’ve always been a sports nut. As a second grade kid I came to love reading courtesy of the sports pages of The Shreveport Times. These days I do internet. Last week the University of Louisville basketball team destroyed Savannah State, 87 – 26. The outcome was not unexpected; this was the equivalent of LSU playing football with old Hiawatha High, excuse me, the University of Louisiana, Monroe. To be fair, these are paid beatings where the big school gets a win and a practice game while the little school gets bruises and its biggest payday of the year. After Savannah State’s paid beating, Louisville’s coach, Rick Pitino faced the press and told them:


“I hate to see any team struggle like that. We tried everything” (to not run up the score). We played only half-court defense the second half, our starters were done before the end of the first half, and everybody on the bench got lots of minutes. (Over the last ten minutes of the game) … “We played four white guys and an Egyptian.”


Pitino is a highly quotable basketball coach (Google Al McGuire quotations!). Here’s some prime Pitino: “Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.” I happen to think Vince Lombardi’s definition is a bit better: “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Then again, Vince never played an Egyptian.


We post these blogs from an editing screen as clean as a blank page in Word. I don’t see anything except what I write and the pictures (I know, they’re scarce in the Work Season). Today I stopped by the library to print some stuff, and checked out Life on the Blue Highways just for fun. I almost forgot, we advertise Amazon stuff! Today they’re offering movies, To Buy? Who buys movies when you can rent them so cheap? Mercy! And their offerings included a zombie flick, Godzilla, the complete 8 film Harry Potter series, and the Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve seen Wolf. I hadn’t heard that much profanity since my Army days, haven’t seen that many naked women in forever, yet I must admit the show does a fine job of explaining why you don’t need a stockbroker.


I don’t know how to contact Amazon to tell them that our readers prefer to see ads for high-quality and hard-to-find stuff, like Katherine Hepburn dvds, live Maine lobsters packed in seaweed, and leather bound sets of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. But the link to our sponsor will bring to you a product search engine. Voila! You can find and order out-of-print books, Wagyu beef, Berkshire pork, a Braun immersion blender, and anything else you might think of. On-line shopping is the easiest kind, but you know that. If you order from Amazon, please sign in from this webpage. If you do, they send us a few cookies, and fat or not, I still got that sweet tooth!



7 thoughts on “Basketball, Movies, and Excellence

  1. Hello,

    Popping over here to wish you all Happy Holidays, and a Merry New Year. 🙂


    As always, I look forward to all posts and pics.


    Yes, will click through your ad here to order on Amazon.


    Ho Ho Ho,



    1. We gonna try some Hannukah dishes this Christmas. Brisket marinated in Coca Cola with Latkes. Any maybe Oysters Bienville or Turtle Soup. Good eats!


      1. Brigsten’s oysters were not that good. We didn’t make turtle soup. I think I lightly burned the roux in our etouffee and overcooked the Coke brisket. But people seemed to like all of it.

        Go figure. Maybe the novelty of the menu was enough to overcome my failures of execution.

        Maybe next year?


      2. No doubt your food was much better than you think, and I’d bet everyone had a delightful time. 🙂


        If you mean that you don’t understand

        “Ess gesunt, and Git Yontif,” they are Yiddish for:

        Eat in Good Health, and Happy Holiday, and can be found on the link above.


        Happy New Year!


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