Giving Thanks

Here in middle Kentucky our annual harvest holiday dawned cold and cloudy with light snow. Kat and I listened to a couple of hours of public radio, which Pink was able to ignore until the breakfast sausages began to sizzle. We won’t do turkey or anything heavy this year: tapas – little plates – makes more sense for cold weather trailer living, not to mention being digestibly sensible.


As is our custom, we reflected upon our blessings and the many things we have to give thanks for. First is our health. It all begins there; if you and yours have health you can manage all kinds of challenges. Second, we are so fortunate to now have systems to deliver affordable care to help preserve our health. Medicare is new to me, and it’s the best coverage I’ve had since 1997, the year BFI paid everything for all its employees and their families. Kat now has excellent insurance through Obamacare that costs a bit less than the Blue Cross catastrophic plan she’d had for years (for which we never submitted a single successful claim). Third, retirement has been comfortable thanks to our country’s signature social safety net, Social Security. No, it wouldn’t have been enough alone, but with some degree of retirement savings SS makes for a pleasant lifestyle.


Our National Parks system deserves its own paragraph. This country has so many natural wonders. To me it is a wonder that so many of them have been preserved, at least in part, by National Parks, Monuments, and Battlefield Parks. Let’s see, we’ve enjoyed visits to Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Grand Tetons, Acadia, Gettsyburg, Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior, Saguaro, Rocky Mountain and a dozen others. Next year we hope to see Yosemite and Sequoia, possibly even getting up to the lovely Pacific and mountain parks in Oregon and Washington.


In 2015 we may experiment with part-time employment in one of those opportunities that actually prefer retired, full-time RV’ers. Camp hosting could be fun and a fine excuse to pass a cool, relaxed summer in California or Colorado. We’re also hopeful that Amazon will operate their Campbellsville facility for at least another year; we’ve come to like this honest and quiet little town, and a season of work really whets our appreciation of travel time.


So what will we dine on today? I found some nice lox, and will use some of it in deviled eggs with capers and sour cream, and the rest on sesame cracker canapés with Boursin Chives cheese. The skies will clear this afternoon, and after a late lunch, the trio will take a short walk around the campground. We’ll return ready for dessert. An old favorite is Marie Callender’s Southern Pecan Pie, available this week for under $5 at Kroger. Thanksgiving is all about being with those you love, preparing some interesting food, and enjoying a peaceful day.


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