Bea Hate Me

I’m a Progessive.  Bea is a Republican.  She visits this blog for reasons unknown. Bea has posted a series of nasty comments about an earlier post, Impeachment and Mr. Rogers.  And  for lack of factual content in her comments, I consigned them to Trash.

Bea was not pleased.

Bea, every word I wrote in “Impeachment & Mr. Rogers” is true and you cannot deny it. You lack respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, and even free speech. So here is my background and how I came from being a young redneck to an old Progressive, and why maybe, you should become one too., I started out as an Eisenhower Republican, voted for Nixon the first time, but not the second. I liked Gerald Ford, and bit on Reagan’s economic policy, twice. I had just lost my job in 1992 — CPAs under 50 supposedly are never unemployed but I was about to be when I watched one of the Bush vs Clinton debates. George the First was asked what he’d do about the current recession, and his answer was “Well, these things run in cycles. Leave the economy alone — it’ll turn around soon enough.” Then Bill said “It Will turn around Eventually, but meanwhile Americans will lose their jobs and homes. I will extend unemployment benefits, fund vocational education, and spend public money to rebuild our worst roads and bridges while providing a milllion jobs.”

Guess who I voted for. That was my epiphany. I realized that the super rich are not like you and me. Not only do they have more money, they have so much more money that recessions or even depressions don’t concern them. And today, nearly 30 years later, it has only become worse.

Back then we watched CBS (Walter Cronkite) or NBC (David Brinkley) for our news. Fox did not yet exist, and thus couldn’t delude its current niche, angry white people. Before Fox you heard the same story no matter what network, and the story they told was true.  That was their goal, their raison d’etre.  This gave me the opportunity to grow a brain and to figure out where my bread was buttered.

I do not know you, Bea. You may be as old as I, or just a kid. I would put my chips on the former. Here are some of your comments: “This is not an impeachment; it’s a ridiculous impediment. This is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.   (What does that mean?)  “This impeachment is just a waste of time and the Demo-rats should have to pay for it.” “This is a perfect example of how the liberals want to run this country. You can speak your mind but want to smother the opposition! ”

Does that make sense on any level? I see no facts mentioned or alleged anywhere. But Bea is venomous, like her idols Rush and Hannity. So I have deleted Bea’s nasty words from Life On the Blue Highways.

Bea should get her own blog.

She might be a Russian troll, but surely there aren’t enough of them to find this poor blog. And if there are that many, our democracy is in the toilet, and Putin and Trump are fighting against Pelosi and Schumer to push down the flush lever.

Vote for the Good Guys and Gals this November.  Our freedom  seems to depend upon it.

4 thoughts on “Bea Hate Me

  1. Anyone named Bea is certainly of the senior persuasion, not that there is anything wrong with that — unless, of course, that your attitudes and beliefs have not evolved since the 1950s. Thank goodness many “older” folks have come around to seeing the reality of what is going on, and most have children and grandchildren to whom they want to leave a decent world.

    Vote vote vote! I sure will be.


    1. I dig the support, Em. I was just a little bit worried that I had hit a bit too hard. But (this is for you, Bea) not my President has made hitting too hard and too low seem normal.


    1. Thank you, Jenn. Surely Bea is just an American with a MAGA hat, yes? (That answers her questions for those of us who, on occasion, think.)


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