A Bad Case of Election Fatigue

I went to bed early and angry Tuesday night. “How could the polls have been so wrong?” Then it got worse as this realization dawned “I don’t understand the country where we live.”

Just like four years ago, Wednesday after Election Night I tried to sleep to noon, but failed. Instead of coffee I had a cup of blackberry tea and opened my online New York Times. Their stats guru, Nate Cohn, had a by-line high up on page 1 “Both Candidates Have a Path to Victory”. While my attitude was wildly skeptical, I read his conclusion state by state. To paraphrase Cohn, Pennsylvania looks good for Joe despite being 400,000 votes behind, as do Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Actually the vote looks to be very close in Georgia. We don’t know much about the ballots left to count in Arizona making it the toughest to call. And only North Carolina looks like a clear win for Trump.

Still doubtful, it occurred to me that Nate Cohn and Steve Kornacki are the Jim Cantores of voting analysis. Kat was watching MSNBC when the anchor cut to Kornacki, who said the same thing! Ding dang, I feel better!

Here we are on Saturday and so far there is no consensus on the winner, except perhaps for Morning Joe Scarborough (who is highly incensed that everybody hasn’t called it for Biden). But that’s how it will turn out, unless a second Civil War breaks out or The Supreme Court calls it for Trump without evidence of election fraud.

Kat’s got a pitcher of orange juice and a bottle of Brut ready, but we can’t have Mimosas until it’s all over. Maybe that will come with more good news from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, ideally today while Orange Foolious is playing golf in Virginia.

It has been a long four years but the end appears to be just 74 days away. Trumpism is alive and well, but in 2024 he will be 78, and possibly not in the best of health — physical or mental. He may have even done some jail time by then. With his credit rating, I just don’t see him starting his own television network.

Four years ago I posted this one on Life on the Blue Highways. It expressed most of my fears of a Trump presidency. I did not anticipate Covid-19 or its recession, but most of my fears came true. https://lifeonthebluehighways.com/2016/11/09/the-sun-came-up/

Although I have a feeling of relief that change is coming for the better, I worry about the damage he might do in those last 74 days. What I fear even more is the mindset of the 47% of the USA who still love and support Trump. That degree of admiration requires a certain delight in proud ignorance, lies over truth, needless cruelty, mendacity, and racism, paired with a fundamental disbelief in science. Those seemingly undesirable attitudes are, to Trumpism, a feature and not a bug.


9 thoughts on “A Bad Case of Election Fatigue

  1. 😍Wonderful blog, I always look forward to reading your stories. And this one was really good even if it didn’t have any music or photos. I love them all. This is from The Jewel 💎!


    1. It won’t be over until January 21, but I can see the end of the line from here. Kat thinks Trump will refuse to leave “my house” but I think the Secret Service will have his eviction papers ready. Yep, “Mr. Prez, you have a choice. Walk out with us, or we can handcuff you and lead you out, or we can strap you to a gurney to take you out. We are your new security team. Tell us your next address. Don’t make this difficult for us all.”


    2. No music? WordPress has made it difficult for an old fool to add pix or music. But I can post something here for you. I think it started out as FDR’s music and hung on well into Adlai Stevenson’s runs against Eisenhower in the 50’s. But its 20’s vibe fits old gooses like me.


  2. Feeling very hopeful today. Many challenges still await, but for today, I just feel grand. We did it! 74 million of us did it! 🤩😎🦾


    1. Em, hu-ah! And by the time all the votes are counted, the winning total will be around 75 million, with a 4.5 million majority for Joe.

      And don’t forget: in 2022 there are 22 GOP senators on the ballot and just 12 Democrats. We can take back the Senate then!


  3. Yes, after days of Biden our time (you heard it here first 😀😉), the final results are in, the election has been called.

    Congratulations to Biden and Harris. Congratulations to us all.


      1. Good one. I have seen shirts with that, too.

        Understand your trepidation. Look at what happened with one of Biden’s campaign busses. Some crazy stuff. Be safe.


  4. Joe actually got over 80 million votes. Oh, if we could just junk the Electoral College. Giving DC statehood would help close the gap and that should be do-able. Neutering Wyoming, Montana, and Dakotas won’t happen in the next 40 years, but it should have happened yesterday. Add all those states’ electoral votes together, divide them by their number of registered voters. You will get a larger impact per voter number than if you do the same math on either NY or California. In other words, those large low population states have more Electoral College votes than either of our two largest states.


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